The Quran Speaks

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Even those who dispute the Quran do not question that it is in its original form, untouched by time. Considering, then, that many of the events relating to the period of its revelation are documented in the Quran, this enables one to travel back in time and take a closer look at the Prophet Muhammad, who is amongst the most towering personalities in history. It is this priceless offering, the chance to discover and reconstruct Muhammad based on evidence as irrefutable as the Quran, that The Quran Speaks pursues.

The Quran is not just about Muhammad, however. It also spells out the fundamentals of Islam, regarding which there is growing global interest as well as ongoing debate (particularly between the moderate and fundamentalist camps within Islam). The book assesses the competing claims by the two schools regarding religious tolerance and women’s rights in the Quran, but also discusses other issues of immense interest to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The fundamental question underlying the discussion is: Is the Quran the word of Allah?


About Bahis Sedq

The author was raised in the liberal tradition of Islam. He therefore found it difficult to come to terms, as do most moderate Muslims, with how a message of absolute peace and forgiveness could be so distorted by the militant fundamentalists. It was to counter views associated with the less tolerant schools of thought that he was first drawn into reading and understanding the Quran. This book is the outcome.



Chapter 1 (The Quran Speaks)

But as the extremists, the missionaries, and the moderates pursue their respective visions, it is imperative that we engage them all on a more fundamental question, too: Is the Quran the word of Allah? The question is of relevance not just to Muslims but to all those interested in Islam. This book explores the answer.


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